Sex workers’ hotel breaks lockdown

Residents of the Alhambra District of Brussels are up in arms after a hotel frequented by sex workers and their punters reopened last week.  Hotels were allowed to stay open during the corona crisis.  Only hotels frequented by sex workers and their clients had to close.  The reopening was not permitted.

Local residents were quite pleased when the establishments in the Alhambra District were closed.

“Prostitution in the neighbourhood causes quite a lot of disruption” says Jan Leerman of the local residents’ committee.  “Now everything is shut we can once again enjoy our street.  This has become a normal residential neighbourhood once again.”

Last week the biggest hotel in the neighbourhood used by sex workers suddenly reopened.

“We noticed many more prostitutes and their customers in the neighbourhood” says Jan.  “It immediately attracted a lot of people. We called the police because we weren’t sure whether the burgomaster or the federal government had decided to allow them to reopen.”

The hotel has now closed once again.

“We’re not looking forward to the reopening of these hotels in a couple of weeks’ time.  Once again we will be confronted with prostitution and drugs, whist now we have a nice, calm residential neighbourhood”.

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