Fewer than 1,000 patients with COVID-19 in Belgian hospitals

For the first time since 20 March there are fewer than 1,000 patients with COVID-19 being cared for in Belgian hospitals. Meanwhile, the number of COVID-19 patients being treated on intensive care wards has fallen below 200 for the first time in just over 10 weeks. At 11am on Friday morning the National Crisis Centre held what has now become its weekly press conference on the COVID-19 pandemic in Belgium. 

·        During the past 24 hours 27 patients with COVID-19 have been admitted to hospital. Meanwhile, 109 COVID-19 patients have been discharged. This brings the total number of people with COVID-19 that are currently being treated in Belgian hospitals to 937.

·        Of those currently receiving hospital treatment 187 are on intensive care wards. This is 22 fewer than was the case in the figures released on Thursday.

·        During the past 24 hours a further 42 deaths from COVID-19 have been reported. 17 of these occurred in hospitals, 20 in care homes and the rest elsewhere. Of the care home deaths 7 (35%) were confirmed COVID-19 deaths.

·        This brings the total number of deaths from COVID-19 in Belgium to 9,430. Of these 48% died in hospital, 51% in care homes, 0.3% at home and 0.5% elsewhere.

·        A further 212 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus during the past 24 hours. This brings the total number to of confirmed infections in Belgium to 58,061. 

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