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Visits to family members living in neighbouring countries allowed again from today

From today (Saturday 30 May) people that live in Belgium will be allowed to visit family members that live in one of our neighbouring countries. The Federal Interior Minister Pieter De Crem (Flemish Christian democrat) has confirmed that Belgians and those resident in Belgium will now be able to visit family in The Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg and France. Those wishing to visit family living in the UK will be able to do so by taking the Eurostar high speed rail service from Brussels to London. 

Similarly Belgians that are resident in one of our neighbouring countries will be able to visit family living here in Belgium.

Mr De Crem told journalists that "You need to be able to prove that it is a family visit and that you have a verifiable link to those you are visiting”.

For the time being at least visits to friends that live in neighbouring countries remain prohibited.

While visiting family abroad you will be allowed to go shopping with them if this is absolutely necessary. However, going out on a day trip with them is not allowed. "We are counting on people’s common sense. This means that you should keep the visit as short as possible and uphold pysical distancing”, Mr De Crem added.

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