13-year-old boy from Genk freed from kidnappers after 6-week ordeal

A 13-year-old boy from the Limburg town of Genk has been freed after having been kidnapped by an armed gang 42 days ago. The gang had demanded a ransom reported to be 5 million euro for the boy’s release. VRT News sources say that several suspects have been detained in connection with the kidnap. 

6 weeks ago the boy was taken by a heavily armed gang of what are reported to be professional criminals. Several people were threatened by the armed men during the kidnap. A ransom demand reported to be 5 million euro was issued. It is not known if some of all of this has been paid.

A large scale police operation was mounted in an effort to find the boy. Dozens of telephone taps were used. However, this failed to produce a result. The police operation was carried out with the greatest of care as police want to be sure that the boy was safe before intervening to release him.

In the earlier hours of Monday morning the boy was released by his kidnappers. A large-scale police operation resulted in several suspects being detained. The reason for the kidnapping is still the subject on an investigation. 

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