Prince Joachim says sorry: “I didn’t respect all the quarantine measures”.

Prince Joachim has issued a press statement that has been published by the Spanish press agency EFE in which he apologises for having breached rules that are in force in Spain in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The 28-year-old Prince is the son of King Filip’s sister Princess Astrid and her husband Prince Lorenz. On Saturday it was revealed that Prince Joachim had tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz have since been tested for the virus. Both tested negative. 

In his statement Prince Joachim wrote “Not all the corona measures were respected during my trip to Spain. I deeply regret my actions and will accept the consequences. At this difficult time it has never been my intention to offend anyone or to show a manifest lack of respect. I offer my apologies for this".

Prince Joachim travelled to Spain for what the press statement describes as “business activities”. As the nature of his visit was business, the Prince was able to enter the country via Madrid Airport.

The Spanish newspaper ‘El Confidencial’ reported on Saturday that Prince Joachim then travelled to the town of Cordoba where he attended a party in a private house. Little is known about the exact circumstances. The Spanish police has launched an investigation.  

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