65 million euro from Corona Emergency Fund destined for Flemish culture

The Flemish Government has announced that it is increasing the amount it will be giving to the Corona Emergency Fund from 200 to 265 million euro. Of this 65 million euro will be given to the cultural and creative sectors in Flanders. The announcement that the cultural sector will be given some much needed support came from the Flemish Prime Minister and Minister for culture Jan Jambon (nationalist, photo above) on Tuesday morning. 

The cultural sector has been particularly badly hit by the measures designed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus with theatres and music venues having been closed for the past 2.5 months. Grass root culture too has suffered with cultural association having been forced to suspend their activities many amateur theatre groups having to cancel their spring performances and local music groups cancelling concerts.  

The money from the emergency fund will be split between various sectors, including culture, tourism and some forms of agriculture that have been badly hit by the lockdown. Previously a figure of 200 million euro had been given as the total amount that would be distributed through the fund. However, this has now been increased to 265 million euro plus 31 million euro in loans and guarantees.

Of this 65 million euro will go to culture, 67 million euro to municipal and city authorities for them to spend as they wish to help support local sports club, youth groups and cultural associations. Mr Jambon told Tuesday morning’s press conference that expects that 20 million euro of the money given to local authorities will go to supporting local cultural initiatives.

Sport federations and the media will receive 10 million euro each from the fund.

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