Motorist killed in accident after overtaking an unmarked police car

A young motorist has died after his vehicle smashed into a trailer in the West Flemish town of Menen. The driver of the French-registered car had just overtaken an unmarked police vehicle when the collision occurred at around 9pm on Monday evening. 

Officers from the Grensleie Local Police Service had just completed an operation to catch speeding motorists when their unmarked vehicle was overtaken a high speed by a French-registered Peugeot on the road between Rekkem and the centre of Menen.

Seconds later the young motorist lost control of his vehicle and it collided with a trailer that was parked at the side of the road. Paramedics attended the scene but were unable to do anything to save the motorist’s life. 

As officers from the Grenleie Local Police Service were involved in the accident, officers from the neighbouring Vlas Local Police Service carried out the preliminary investigation.

The West Flemish Judicial Authorities have appointed a coroner and a road traffic accident investigation expert to aid them in the investigation. 

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