Foto: gemeente Heuvelland

Barriers on Belgian-French border removed

Barriers erected on minor roads to stop cross border traffic between Belgium and France are being removed.  The Belgian – French border is set to reopen properly on 15 June when the French relax restrictions.

Until now only essential travel for work purposes was permitted, whilst the flow of freight too was allowed to continue.  Belgium relaxed its border controls on Saturday.  Belgian residents were permitted to visit family abroad and do essential shopping, but travel to France wasn’t possible due to the French restrictions. Many Belgians flocked to bars north of the border that had already opened triggering fresh alcohol checks on the Belgian side.

Obstacles to traffic across the Westhoek District, in Poperinge, Heuvelland and Wervik (West Flanders) are all being removed. Starting 15 June shopping trips and visits to family in France become possible.

Belgian police are now longer carrying out checks on the border, but this doesn’t mean no checks at all will happen.  Motorists on the move and covering long distances may be stopped and subjected to checks.

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