gemeente Middelkerke

Laser technology to prevent overcrowding on the beach

The seaside resort of Middelkerke (West Flanders) intends to deploy laser technology on the beach in the fight against coronavirus. Equipment counting the number of beach visitors will be placed at entry spots to the beach.

Beaches where life guards patrol can accommodate 65,000 visitors.  At full capacity each guest will still have 36 square metres at his, her or their disposal. 

“Problems? We don’t expect any” says burgomaster Jean-Marie Dedecker.  “In Middelkerke you need to use the stairs to get onto the beach.  We will install counting machines that use lasers.  I don’t expect any problems.  In principle, there shouldn’t be any danger of overcrowding.  There are 65,000 places on the beaches with life guards and everybody still gets a range of 36 square metres. I believe people still have sufficient sense of public responsibility to maintain enough distance from one another.”

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