Logic of corona measures to be reversed

On Monday 8 June the third phase of Belgium’s exit strategy from the corona lockdown kicks in.  The security council grouping representatives of the country’s federal and devolved governments is meeting today.  A decision on the possible reopening of bars and restaurants is keenly awaited.  Deputy PM Alexander De Croo indicates today that on Monday Belgium will enter a completely new phase in its battle against coronavirus.

“Until now the authorities tried to set out what was allowed.  All the rest wasn’t allowed.  I believe we are now at a point when this logic can be turned on its head.  If you follow the general rules on social distancing, hand hygiene and mouth and nose coverings, hopefully from 8 June onwards everything, apart from a few exemptions, will be permitted.  It will also be far more logical for people.”

Mass events won’t be permitted, but the number of people you are allowed to meet in your limited social bubble will. Greater clarity should be provided today.

Bars and restaurants will reopen, but Mr De Croo notes that a balance will have to be struck between medical safety and economic viability. 

For the deputy premier the most important message is: “It's up to us. We’ve done a good job, let’s try and continue that!”

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