Car summersaults over roundabout, crashes into block of flats

A 4-wheel-drive vehicle summersaulted over a roundabout in Balen (Antwerp Province) last night.  The vehicle ended its journey stuck against the front of a block of flats.  It’s the second time this year that a similar accident happens on this now notorious roundabout.

It was shortly before midnight that a driver lost control of his vehicle.  The vehicle hit several traffic signs, summersaulted over the roundabout, but ended up back on its wheels.  A very fortunate driver was able to leave the vehicle under his own steam and was taken to hospital. Witnesses say the car was speeding.

The car’s impact into the block of flats roused residents.  Damage is limited unlike in January when a similar accident occurred.  At that time the driver fled the scene but was later tracked down by the police.

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