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Discover how many corona cases there are in your area now

The Flemish Free University of Brussels, the VUB, has developed a new tool to map out the evolution of coronavirus cases in Belgian municipalities.  Researchers believe the tool will be crucial in identifying new outbreaks and potential sources of infection.

At present all other tools show the total number of cases per municipality, not the current situation. In over 500 municipalities no new infections have been identified in recent days.  In municipalities where infections occur several people are infected.

“The tool is an aid to allow municipalities to track down sources of infection quickly and take action to prevent the spread.  Detection at municipal level is part of the solution.  A similar system should also be developed for schools and businesses in order to track down localised outbreaks” says Prof Dirk Devroey, head of GP Medicine and Chronic Care at the VUB.

Tracking down new sources of infection is partly the responsibility of contact tracers, but the VUB scientists say it’s also crucial that municipalities are aware of the current state of infections in their area.

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