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Wolf suspected culprit as sheep are killed and injured in Duffel

Two sheep have been bitten to death and a number of other animals injured in a field at Duffel in Antwerp Province. The Flemish Nature and Woodland Agency says that it is almost certain that a wolf was the culprit. Paw prints found in a field near to where the sheep were killed would appear to indicate the presence of a wolf in the area. 

On Saturday a Shepheard in Duffel, a municipality around 20 kilometres southeast of Antwerp, found two of his sheep dead. Other sheep were found to have injuries caused by them having been bitten.

An expert from the Nature and Woodland Agency visited the field where the sheep had been killed an injured on Saturday evening to investigate whether this was indeed the work of a wolf.

The Nature and Woodland Agency’s Jeroen Denaeghel told VRT News that initial findings would seem to indicate this. “The intestines of the animals were left untouched and this is typical for a wolf. Furthermore, paw prints found on a near-by field point to it having been a wolf”.

The Nature and Woodland Agency is keen to stress that only once DNA tests have been completed will we be able to say that the sheep were killed by a wolf. It will be another couple of weeks before we know the results.  

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