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Stage 3 of Belgium’s exit strategy comes into effect from today

Monday 8 June is the day that many of us have been waiting for some time. Gyms, bars, restaurants have reopened, we are now able to attend religious services again at our local church, mosque, synagogue or temple and our so-called social bubble can be extended to 10 people per week. Although complete normality has not yet returned, the introduction of the Stage 3 exit measures will make life more pleasant for many of us that have craved social contact during the past three months. 

·        From now our "bubble" may be extended to ten people per week. Each week the group can change. The rules are per person and not per family as was previously the case.

·        Bars and restaurants have reopened, albeit under a number of conditions. There must be a distance of 1.5 metres between the tables and customers must be served at their table. Waiters must wear mouth masks. Bars and night shops are allowed to remain open no later than 1am.

·        Cultural activities  such as rehearsals where no audience is present can also take place.  

·        Sport activities, including gyms, can restart..  However, contact sports such as football and rugby will have to keep to contactless training sessions for the time being. Indoor swimming pools remain closed, but outdoor swimming facilities at recreational sites may be used.  

·        Massage parlours are allowed to reopen and sex workers can resume their activities albeit while respecting the safety measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

·        Those wishing to attend a religious service can do again from now. However, no more than 100 people can attend any one service and social distancing must be upheld.

·        Domestic travel and tourism is allowed again. Camp sites and holiday parks have reopened and rentals via AirbnB are allowed again.

·        Open air flea markets can reopen providing there are less than 50 stalls. You can hire a go cart again and possibly best of all simply sit down on a bench at a local park or other area of public open space. 

·        Primary schools have reopened for pupils in all year groups.

The hygiene measures (hand washing, disinfecting, social distancing…) remain in force. 

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