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“Inadequate preparations for second wave”

Prof Erika Vlieghe, the chair of the GEES (Group of Experts preparing the Exit Strategy from the lockdown), has spoken of the great need to prepare adequately for a possible second wave of corona virus.  The GEES’ last report expresses concern about insufficient preparations.

“We wanted to give a clear signal that this is something that cannot be delayed” Prof Vlieghe told VRT.

“Our first line of defence consisted of testing and contact tracing.  Contact tracing still displays many deficiencies.  We understand that implementing this isn’t easy, but there must be a clear strategy and a permanent acknowledgement that this is very important.”

“The next step, after testing and contact tracing, involves what you must do when new clusters appear.  Somebody has to keep tabs on this.  If there are numerous clusters than we need lots of people.  On the local level these people must be the eyes and ears of our health inspectors.  I’ve been hounding ministers of late.  It’s not that nothing is happening, but a sense of urgency is required.  This is something that mustn’t be forgotten.  Day after day, week after week, decisions need to be taken.” 

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