“Sex workers could trigger explosion of coronavirus” says Hot Marijke

Hot Marijke, arguably Belgium’s best loved sex worker, has called for sex work (prostitution) to be banned until 1 September.  Earlier this week representatives of sex workers and the experts preparing the exit strategy from the lockdown agreed the conditions under which sex work could restart safely, but Hot Marijke warns that its resumption could allow the virus to explode once again.

Prostitution isn’t included in the government’s list of banned activities allowing it to resume last Monday, but Hot Marijke thinks that even with greater safety measures agreed with the scientific experts it still isn’t safe. Moreover, “making love in a mask isn’t sexy” she says.

“The experts advised against a resumption before 1 July, but now all economic support measures have fallen by the wayside.  I’m allowed to work.  I know I can’t be compelled to do so, but otherwise there’s no money coming in”.

Disposable sheets and having sex wearing a mask she describes as madness: “Punters don’t want it.  It’s not sexy.  You could operate this system for window prostitutes.  Guys cum after a quarter of an hour.  With me it takes an hour or two.  People seek intimacy.  It’s not possible with a mask.”

“To be honest I only really want to get back to work when there is a vaccine.  I believe that as long as this virus is going around, a sex worker can trigger an explosion.  There are around 28,000 sex workers in Belgium.  Say they have a hundred customers a month.  Work it out!”

In the Netherlands where corona restrictions were less severe sex work remains banned until 1 September.  Hot Marijke is worried about sex tourism: “I’m calling for support measures to be extended as well as the ban.  Hopefully this will lead to a wide-ranging debate on prostitution.  I’ve been calling for full legalisation for years.”

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