It’s the sack for 1,500 Swissport workers at Zaventem

The official receivers have informed the trades unions that no attempts will be made to continue the activities of the bankrupt baggage handler at Brussels Airport. 

Following a meeting with the official receivers Hans Elsen, spokesman of the Christian union ACV, said: “No potential take-over candidate is in the offing at the minute.  There aren’t sufficient financial means to continue the business.  We’re very disappointed about the whole situation.  This is a dreadful blow for the workforce”.

What will happen to luggage at Brussels Airport is highly unclear.  Brussels Airlines is Swissport’s most important business and it is resuming its flying operations next week. Under Belgian law two baggage handlers must be operational at Brussels Airport, but following Swissport’s bankruptcy Aviapartner is now the sole handler. 

“We hope that politicians can come up with a solution that would guarantee as many jobs as possible.  We’re talking about employees with limited schooling and a key company. Without baggage handling planes can’t take off or land at Zaventem” says Hans Elsen.

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