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Brussels courts to stage special sessions to try corona offences this summer

Brussels prosecutors hope to take 800 cases involving violations of corona measures to court this summer.  More often than not people who repeatedly flouted corona restrictions will have their day in court.  Other cases need to be judged because people have ignored offers of amicable settlements and the payment of a fine.

Brussels prosecutors received over 6,000 police reports relating to infringements of corona measures from the police in recent months.  In a quarter of cases those involved were offered an amicable settlement and the payment of a 250 euro fine. 28 serious cases have already been tried using fast track procedures, but many cases are still under investigation too.   

Police courts are now qualified to try cases involving infringements of corona measures.  Special dedicated sessions will be staged in Brussels trying twenty cases a day.  Cases relating to repeat offenders or the non-payment of corona fines will be prioritised.  800 cases are being pencilled in for July and August with police courts dealing with up to 100 cases a week.

Antwerp too has reported a high number of corona-related judicial cases.  Police have dispatched over 7,800 police reports to Antwerp prosecutors, even more than in Brussels.  It remains unclear how many dossiers will be taken to court.  The first trials in Antwerp are anticipated next September.

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