Spain fines Prince Joachim 10,400 euros

The Spanish authorities have fined Prince Joachim of Belgium 10,400 euros for flouting the country’s corona restrictions.  The king’s nephew got the fine for failing to observe a fortnight’s quarantine after flying in to Madrid Airport during the lockdown.

Princess Astrid’s son travelled to Spain on business at the end of May.  On his arrival he immediately shot off to the city of Cordoba where he met up with relatives and ignored Spain’s 14-day obligatory self-isolation on entering the country.

Prince Joachim’s Spanish jaunt had already courted controversy after Spain’s El País newspaper reported that the prince had teamed up with 27 – twenty-seven – relatives at a private residence.  At that point gatherings of only up to 15 people were permitted.  Later it transpired that two gatherings had been staged and that the total number of attendees was 27.

On his return it emerged that the 28-year-old, who is also Archduke of Austria-Este, had picked up coronavirus.  The prince immediately apologised for his behaviour.

Prince Joachim can get out of paying the full fine, by paying up straight away.

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