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Basic reproduction number remains well under R0

At what its final weekly press conference on the evolution of the novel coronavirus pandemic in Belgium, the National Crisis Centre gave some reassuring news concerning the basic reproduction number of the virus in Belgium. In layperson’s terms the basic reproduction number of a virus is the factor by which someone infected by a given virus infects others. 

For example if the basic reproduction number is R 2, each infected person infects a further two other people. Any “R number” below 1 means that a virus is on the retreat.

The latest figures for the novel coronavirus in Belgium show that this remains the case here. The virus’ “R number” in Belgium currently stands at 0.87. This means that anyone with the novel coronavirus infects an average of 0.87 people or every 100 people that are infected infect a further 87 people with the virus.

Although this was the last press conference by the National Crisis Centre. We will still be able to follow the evolution of the pandemic in Belgium through regular press releases and on the Sciensano website. 

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