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Belgian Foreign Ministry to give colour-coded travel advice

From Monday the Belgian Foreign Ministry’s website will start colour coding the travel advice it gives to Belgian planning a foreign trip. The system will be available on the Dutch and French language section of the website and will apply to advice given for those planning to travel to other European countries. This will enable Belgians to find out whether they are welcome and if they are welcome under which conditions. 

Three colours will be used: green, orange and red. The codes will be updated in real-time to reflect any changes in a given destination country as they happen.

On Monday 15 June most countries in the Schengen Zone will reopen their borders. Belgium will be opening its borders to visitors from all EU and Schengen Zone countries. However, a number of other EU countries such as Denmark, Hungary and the Czech Republic will still be keeping their borders closed to Belgians. Meanwhile, Spain and Norway will not be opening their borders to foreign visitors on Monday.

Click here to visit the Foreign Ministry website

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