Fewer redundancies despite lockdown

Thanks to the system of temporary unemployment fewer people were made redundant in March, April and May 2020 than was the case during the same three month period last year. The figures come from the HR services group Acerta’s survey of 32,000 employers all over Belgium. Despite the lockdown there were considerable fewer redundancies. 

In March 2020 12.5% fewer people were made redundant than in March 2019. In April of this year there were 15.6% fewer redundancies than was the case a year earlier, while last month 12.7% fewer people were made redundant.

Acerta says that the somewhat surprising figures are thanks to the system of temporary unemployment that has been introduced by Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès’ Federal Government.

Julie Rousseau is a Senior Legal Consult at Acerta. She told VRT News that: “The system offers employers that are caught in the eye of the storm to alter the number of jobs they provide quickly to accommodate for the situation and reduce wage costs temporarily. As they believe that the tide will turn and they will need talent again quickly they try in the first instance to avoid redundancies”.   

The Federal Government has extended the system of temporary redundancy tot he cover the period until 31 August.

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