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The world’s biggest container ships docks at Antwerp

The North Sea Terminal at the Port of Antwerp has welcomed the largest container ship in the world, the HMM Algeciras. The news that the ship has docked at Antwerp comes from container terminal operator PSA Antwerp. Currently dock workers are busy unloading and loading no fewer than 6,659 containers from the vessel. 

The ship left the German port of Hamburg for Antwerp on Wednesday night. Its trip along the Westerschelde estuary to Antwerp docks attracted a lot of interest. The HMN Algeciras is the South Korean shipping company HMM’s new flag ship and with capacity for 23,964 containers it is the biggest container ship in the world.  

It docked at the North Sea Terminal on Thursday evening. While it is there 1,748 will be unloaded from it while 4,911 containers will be loaded onto it. This is a record for a single visit by any one ship at the North Sea Terminal.

Loading and unloading will continue around the clock with the HMM Algeciras due to leave for the Port of London on Saturday morning. 

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