Ambulance driver assaulted in Anderlecht

An ambulance driver working for the Brussels Fire Service was punched in the face in a road rage incident in the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht. The ambulance driver was taking an injured person to the Joseph Bracops Hospital in Anderlecht when the assault happened, the Brussels fire service spokesman Joseph Derieuw told VRT News. 

At around 9pm on Friday evening the ambulance’s path was blocked by a car that the driver of the ambulance had tried to overtake. Both the ambulance driver and the motorist got out of their vehicles. The car driver then punched the ambulance driver in the face.

The police came to the scene and a crime report was filed against the car driver. The ambulance driver was taken to hospital in a state of shock. He will be unable to work for several days.

Eric Labourette of the liberal public service union VSOA told journalists that “This was a case of totally gratuitous violence.


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