COVID-19: 5 deaths, hospital numbers continue to fall

The public health institute Sciensano has published the latest figures on the novel coronavirus pandemic in Belgium. While, the number of new infections has rose above 100 again during the past 24 hours, hospital numbers continue to fall. 

During the past 24 hours 111 people tested positive for the novel coronavirus. This is 12 more than was the case during the 24 hours preceding 11am on Saturday. This brings the total number of people that have tested positive for the virus in Belgium to 60,029. The lion’s share of these have since recovered.

 A further 5 deaths were reported during the past 24 hours. 4 of these were in hospitals, while the other was in a care home. This brings the total number of COVID-19 fatalities in Belgium to 9,655.

20 COVID-19 patients were admitted to hospitals during the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, 42 COVID-19 patients were discharged. There are currently 395 patients with COVID-19 being cared for in Belgian hospitals. This is 30 fewer than a day ago.

Of those being cared for in hospital 82 are on intensive care wards. This is 6 few than was the case in Saturday’s figures.

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