Swiss police arrest priest convicted of child sex abuse in Belgium

A Priest from the Brotherhood of Saint Pius X who was found guilty of having sexually abused a nine-year-old boy by a court in Brussels in December 2017 has been arrested by police in Switzerland. News that the paedophile clergyman has been arrested in Switzerland first appeared in the Swiss newspaper ‘Le Nouvelliste’

In December 2017 the Court of Appeal in Brussels sentenced the priest to five years in prison for the sexual abuse of a boy that was a boarder at the Brotherhood of Saint Pius X’s in Brussels in 2010 and 2011 when the boy was just 9. At his initial trial the priest was acquitted.

However, the boy’s family appealed and the Court of Appeal found him guilty and gave him a five-year prison sentence. The priest had asked to serve his sentence in Switzerland.

However, as the Court of Appeal had failed to request that he be detained forthwith, he was not detained. However, after the case received attention in the local media, Swiss police have now detained the priest. The Judicial Authorities in Sion have contacted their Belgian counterparts for more clarity about the case.

The priest is on remand awaiting an official request from the Belgian Judicial Authorities that he serve his sentence in a Swiss prison.

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