Socialist leaders believe liberal PM is best suited to lead coalition talks

The leaders of the Flemish and Francophone socialist parties Conner Rousseau and Paul Magnette have completed their round of exploratory talks with the leaders of the ten parties that are offering support to the minority Federal Government during the corona crisis. They have handed a report on their talks to the Federal Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (Francophone liberal).

Mr Rousseau and Mr Magnette believe that Ms Wilmès is now the person best suited to lead talks on the formation of a new federal government. However, VRT News sources say that the Prime Minister is not prepared to do this at the moment as she believes that he results of the socialist party leaders’ efforts so far offer to few guarantees that any attempt to form a new federal government would be able to reach a successful conclusion.  

Ms Wilmès believes that there is still some work to be done before this would be the case.

More than a year since the elections a new majority federal government is clearly still some way off. 

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