8 out of 10 nursing students happy with their chosen course

Around 8 out of 10 nursing students say that they are happy that they chose to study nursing. The figures come from a survey of around 1,000 students that was carried out by the University of Ghent’s University Centre for Nursing and Midwifery and the university’s Department of Developmental Psychology. The survey was carried out during the corona crisis. The past few months have been a veritable baptism of fire for nursing students, many of who have had work experience placements in very difficult circumstances. 

Nevertheless, 76% of the students surveyed say that they are still highly motivated to embark on a career in nursing. There are some students though that have started to have doubts about their choice of course. 12% of those surveyed say that they are considering changing course, while 6% of nursing students have stopped studying nursing since the beginning of the corona crisis.

Veerle Duprez of the Nursing Science Department at Ghent University told journalists that “You can best start a nursing course due to an intrinsic interest in the profession. Economic considerations and job security aren’t enough. Students motivated by these factors are more likely to quit”.

The researchers also found that during the crisis half of the student surveyed were very enthusiastic about their work experience. These students will form a real added value for the profession, the researchers add.

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