A new lead in the Brabant Killers investigation?

The police have issued a wanted notice for a man they wish to question in connection with the series of extremely violent robberies carried out by the Brabant Killers in the 1980’s. The photograph of the unidentified man shows him in woodland holding a semi-automatic weapon. The police want to identify him as part of their enquiry into the Brabant Killers case.  

The man is wearing sun glasses and is looking straight into the camera and is holding a semi-automatic weapon. It is an Italian-made Franchi Spas 12.

It is still unclear why exactly the police are trying to find the man in the photograph. It is clear that everything is being tried to solve the case as quickly as possible. In five years it will be forty years since the last of the Brabant Killers’ attacks and under the statute of limitations no prosecution could be brought in the case after 2025. Since 2018 the case is being investigated by the Federal Judicial Authorities.

The Brabant Killers carried out a series of extremely violent attacks in the 1980’s. Between 1982 and 1985 the gang killed at total of 28 people and injured another 40. The attack on the Delhaize supermarket in the East Flemish city of Aalst on 9 November 1985 in which 8 people were killed is something that has remained etched in the collective memory of many Flemings and other Belgians.

If you have any information about the identity of the man in the photograph please call the freephone number 0800/30300.

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