Sister and brother-in-law of chief suspect in Genk hostage-taking case to remain in custody

Magistrates in the Limburg city of Hasselt have ruled that Lahousinne El Haski and his wife Samira Bouloudo are to remain in custody. Mr El Hask and Ms Haski were detained two weeks ago in connection with the kidnap and false imprisonment of a 13-year-old boy from Genk (Limburg Province). Ms Bouloudo is the sister of the chief suspect in the case, Khalid Bouloudo.

The two appeared at a custody hearing in Hasselt on Tuesday morning. Lahousinne El Haski is suspected of being one of the leading figures in the hostage-taking case. While he attended the hearing in person, his wife did not attend. Mr El Haski’s lawyer Hans Valkenborg told the court that his client had had nothing to do with the hostage taking.

He later told journalists that “We asked for my client’s release because there is insufficient evidence of his guilt. The case file numbers around 1,500 pages and I see my client’s name appear on three pages.

Meanwhile, Ms Bouloudo’s lawyer would not comment. It was later confirmed that magistrates had decided that both suspects should remain in custody.

Meanwhile, another suspected that had been given conditional bail is now back in custody.

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