Code Orange weather warning with thunder storms, heavy rain and hail expect across the country

A Code Orange weather warning is in force across the country as the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) warns of localised thunder storms and heavy rain that could lead to flooding in some areas. There is also a fair chance of high winds and hail. 

A Code Orange warning means that there is a widespread possibility of heavy storms causing issues such as flooding or storm damage in some areas. Heavy rain, hail storms and/or gusts of high wind can cause flooding and damage to buildings. Uprooted trees and lightning strikes are another possibility during the rest of today.

The RMI uses a colour coded system for its weather warnings. Codes green and yellow means that no special caution is needed. For Code Orange special care should be taken. A Code Red weather warning is the most severe warning of all. When a Code Red warning is in force people should stay in door unless absolutely necessary. 

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