Covid-19 update: 128 new infections, 20 patients taken to hospital, but the R-value remains below one

The National Crisis Centre has released the latest corona statistics: the number of new infections remained above 100 yesterday. However, the positive overall trend is being continued, while the so-called R-figure remains below 1. 

  • The number of new infections climbed to 128 yesterday, which is 24 up on the day. Over 15,000 tests were carried out, which means that the number of positive cases is just below 1 percent. But virologists are hoping that the number of new infections can drop below the symbolic number of 100 for several days (and remain there). 
  • 20 new patients had to be taken to hospital, which is one up on the day. However, 27 patients were allowed to leave hospital.
  • 12 deaths have been reported, compared to 10 yesterday. 10 people succumbed in hospital, 2 in nursing homes.
  • The number of Covid-19 patients in Belgian hospitals has dropped to 340, with 55 of them receiving intensive care.  
  • Other good news is that the so-called R-value remains below 1, at 0.87 to be precise. This means that one infected person is transmitting coronavirus to less than one other person, which means the pandemic can't increase, and that in fact it is easing.  

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