Police officer gets 50 months' suspended sentence on charges of supplying information to terror suspect

A police officer from Schaarbeek has been convicted by the Court of Appeal in Brussels for supplying secret information to terror suspect Yassine Atar.

The man was convicted on charges of violating professional secrecy. He got 50 months, but it is a suspended sentence. The man was accused of passing on secret police information to Yassine Atar, the brother of Oussama Atar. Oussama Atar is considered as one of the key figures in the preparation of the March 2016 Brussels terrorist attacks. 

The news was revealed by La Dernière Heure and has been confirmed by the policeman's lawyer. The man worked as a coordinator for the Brussels police zone Brussel Noord (Schaarbeek, Evere and SInt-Joost) and gained access to information about ongoing investigations, possible police raids and data banks of suspects, using his colleagues' log-ins.

He is said to have had over 200 contacts with Yassine Atar, who himself was accused of involvement in the Paris attacks. 

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