Far-right Vlaams Belang remains the biggest party in Flanders, a new opinion poll reveals

If elections were to take place now, Vlaams Belang would come out on top in Flanders, beating the Flemish nationalists of N-VA. That's according to a new opinion poll carried out by the commercial TV stations VTM and RTL, and the newspapers Het Laatste Nieuws and Le Soir. 

The poll involved 2,517 Belgians (951 Flemings, 986 Walloon citizens and 580 Brussels residents) and was conducted between 10 and 15 June. The maximum error margin is 3.2 percent in Flanders and 3.1 percent in Wallonia. 

This new opinion poll reveals that the corona crisis had hardly changed the voters' intentions. Far-right Vlaams Belang confirms its top position in Flanders with an estimated 27.3 percent of the votes. The N-VA has to be content with 20 percent.

The Flemish socialists of SP.A would climb to third place with 12.5 percent of the votes under their new young president Conner Rousseau, just ahead of other traditional parties such as the Christian democrats of CD&V and the liberals of Open VLD. The greens follow in sixth place, just short of 10 percent of the votes. 

In Wallonia, the Francophone socialists (PS) remain in pole position confirming their ambitions to be part of the new federal government. In Brussels, the greens of Ecolo are moving past the PS to become Brussels' biggest political player.  

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