Pierre Kompany: "Belgium should apologise for its colonial past"

72-year-old Pierre Kompany, the father of football star Vincent Kompany and mayor of the Brussels municipality of Ganshoren, says that Belgium should apologise for its colonial past in Congo.

Pierre Kompany estimates that the Belgian state and King Filip should apologise for the atrocities taking place in Congo Free State under the reign of King Leopold II, when Congo was a Belgian colony. "If the government would apologise, this would be a big step. But if the king does the same, we would come out of this even better", he told the French press agency AFP. 

Kompany (Francophone christian democrats) calls the colonial past "an embarrassing reality". He thinks apologies would come down well with the present Congolese population. Kompany moved from Congo to Belgium in 1975 as a political refugee. He is a Brussels MP and became Belgium's first black mayor in 2018. 

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