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Wolf Billy spotted "in good health" after being hit by a vehicle

The wolf that had been hit by a vehicle in Turnhout early on Friday, is probably okay despite the accident. That's according to Jan Loos of the organisation "Welkom Wolf" that monitors the re-entry of wolves in Belgium. 

The accident happened early in the morning on the Turnhout orbital road, in Antwerp province. The wolf survived and ran away, but wolf enthusiasts feared the animal would have sustained heavy injuries. A search was staged, but sniffer dogs found no lead. 

Late on Friday, the first reports came in saying the wolf had been spotted in the area. The animal was apparently "alive and kicking". Jan Loos is happy with news, but does not want to jump to conclusions: "It seems he hasn't sustained any injuries,  though we need to be cautious before drawing any conclusions." 

In the meantime, Billy has struck again in the Turnhout area, killing a couple of sheep - further DNA research should provide certainty about whether it actually was Billy. This attack shows he is in good health, says Welkom Wolf. Residents spotting a wolf, are kindly requested to report this on the website www.welkomwolf.be.  

Below: archive footage shows wolf Billy. 

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