The solicitor's office run by Dirk De fauw and colleagues in Bruges.

Bruges mayor after attack: "I realise I have been very lucky"

One day after one of his clients attacked him with a knife, the Bruges mayor (and solicitor) Dirk De fauw has spoken briefly to the VRT. Mr De fauw spent the night in hospital and is doing okay, considering the circumstances. He was allowed to return home later today. 

Dirk De fauw was speaking on the phone from his bed in the Bruges Saint-Jan hospital, in the VRT's current affairs TV show "De zevende dag". 

The mayor had an appointment at his office with a client of his yesterday morning, when the man suddenly lashed out with a knife, trying to slice his throat. "I sustained a wound of 14 centimetres long; 24 stitches were needed. I was lucky it was only a small kitchen knife. If it would have been a bigger knife, I would probably not be talking to you right now ", De fauw said. "Last night, I realised it could have been much worse." 

I was lucky the assailant only used a small knife. Otherwise I wouldn't be speaking to you now

At first, he didn't realise how serious it was. He didn't call an ambulance, but asked his driver to bring him to hospital. "All this time, I tried to keep the wound closed using my hand and my tie. When I arrived in hospital, I saw how much blood I had lost on the car seat." 

Mr De fauw still doesn't know why the man attacked him. He has been his client for 15 years, and has been defended by his lawyer several times. "I never expected him to attack me. I even convinced him several times not to commit suicide." At the request of the man's mother, De fauw was managing his financial matters. The assailant is now facing official charges of murder attempt. 

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