GP's are asking people to stay alert for Covid-19: "Contact us even if you only have mild symptoms"

While the corona pandemic is easing in Belgium, members of the public seem to forget more easily that safety measures still apply. This causes concern among doctors. 

Fien Van Stappen, a GP working in Melle (East Flanders) underlines that we should have ourselves tested as soon as we we have complaints, even light complaints, such as coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain or an impaired sense of taste and smell. "We are concerned because it seems that people don't realise that it is very important to have themselves tested immediately in that case. It is also  important to stay indoors until you have the result," she told the VRT's morning radio show "De Ochtend". 

Van Stappen's colleague, Maaike Van Overloop who works in northern Antwerp, adds that "we should stay alert for small signals and not hesitate to contact our doctor." 

An increasing number of people thinks that the epidemic is already over, adapting their behaviour. "We see that patients that come to have a test find it very hard to comply with the quarantine measures, although this is only 24 of 48 hours. Doctors really do their best to keep this period as short as possible."

But apart from this, it remains important for everyone to follow the basic guidelines, such as keeping your distance, washing your hands with soap, wearing a mouth mask in busy places, and avoiding unnecessary risks. 

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