Town Hall daubed with racist graffiti

Police in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Zaventem are trying to find those responsible for having daubed racist and other inflammatory slogans on the wall of the local Town Hall. The vandals wrote “Dood aan blanken” (death to whites) and “Nique la police” “F**k the police” on the wall of the building in the municipality around 10 kilometres northeast of Brussels. 

The Mayor of Zaventem Ingrid Holemans (liberal) is outraged that the Town Hall has been targeted. “This is a reaction to what has happened in the United States. It is linked to the death of George Floyd the black American man killed by police. Now someone in Zaventem thinks that they should write things on walls here. But this too is violence and you can’t fight violence with violence. Ms Holemans believes that community service would be the most appropriate way of punishing the perpetrator(s) “People that do this kind of thing should realise what they are doing. This is no way to talk about issues”.   

There is still no sign of those responsible for the graffiti. “It was probably done at night. The police are looking for the culprits and will patrol more from now on. But it is sad that the police has to invest time into this kind of thing, when there are other things that need doing.  We will remove the slogans as soon as possible.”

This is not the first time that Zaventem Town Hall has been daubed with graffiti. Previously the Town Hall was daubed with slogans not long after the death of a 19-year-old man in a police chase in the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht", the Mayor added.

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