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Briton on trial in Brussels for smuggling cocaine concealed inside a dildo

The Halle-Vilvoorde Judicial Authorities have asked a court in Brussels to pass 36 month prison sentence on a British man that was court trying to smuggle 127 grams of cocaine through Zaventem Airport earlier this year. The man had concealed the drugs inside a dildo. The Briton’s barrister asked the court for him to be given a suspended sentence as he suffers from health issues.

On 8 February this year the man was detained at Brussels Airport in Zaventem (Flemish Brabant) after he arrived on a flight from Jamaica. Test carried out at the airport found that he tested positive for cocaine. He was taken to Brussel University Hospital in Jette where he was found to have an artificial penis containing 127 grams of cocaine concealed on his person.

The man aid that he had been visiting his mother in Jamaica when an acquaintance had offered him some cocaine. He had taken the drugs to consume himself once he was back home.

The Judicial Authorities have not been able to find any evidence that he was working for a drugs syndicate. Nevertheless, it has asked the court to pass a prison sentence of 36 months.

However, the man’s defence barrister told the court "My client has kidney failure and has to get a lot of exercise and follow a good diet, both of which he would be unable to do in prison. This is why I am asking for a suspended sentence”.


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