Police called as College of Europe students hold party with 150 revellers

Police intervened several times on Monday evening as students at the College of Europe held end of year parties at student accommodation near to the college’s campus in the West Flemish city of Bruges. The head of the Bruges Local Police Service Dirk Van Nuffel told VRT Radio 2 West Flanders that although an agreement had been made that the parties should be held in accordance with the rules that are in force to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus this was not respected by the students. Furthermore, there was a lot of noise nuisance and student of the elite college swore at and insulted police officers.  

Students at the College of Europe are accommodated at a number of halls of residence in Bruges.

"It was above all at the building on the Biskajerplein in the city centre where the rules were breached. We had agreed with the College of Europe that they could hold a party to celebrate the end of the academic year. However, this was only intended to be for the students that live in the respective halls of residence. They were not allowed to go and visit each other. But then there we 150 people present and that is a breach of the corona rules”, Mr Van Nuffel said.

When the police arrived they faced a barrage of abuse. “We were sworn at in English and they provoked us by filming us with their telephones”.

The parties ended as agreed at midnight and no fines were issued. However, the organiser of the parties will be issued with a crime report. 


Europe’s elite

The College of Europe is considered by many to be the place where the European Union’s top civil servants and politicians of tomorrow go and study.

As this isn’t the first time that there have been issues with students at the college in recent months, Mr Van Nuffel says that Monday’s incidents give him cause for concern.

“Graduates of the College of Europe that will one day be at the top of European politics, the European civil service and the diplomatic corps behaved in an abhorrent and arrogant way”, Bruges’ police chief told the VRT.

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