Heat measures taken as first heat wave of the year is underway

Temperatures are expected to climb to 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) and more today, but also on Thursday and Friday. 

We will have an official heat wave if we have five consecutive days with temperatures of 25 Celsius and more, of which three days should be warmer than 30 degrees. In other words, five summer days of which three tropical days. This could be the case on Saturday. 

At present, we are just at the start of the hot spell, which started yesterday. Each day will be a little bit hotter now, wit temperatures expected to peak around 32 Celsius on Friday. The weekend should bring unstable weather with more chance of (blustery) showers. 

Check on vulnerable people

Different cities are launching heat plans to support vulnerable people, such as Mechelen. "Older people in nursing homes will have more cool drinks. And we will have rooms with cool temperatures", says Mechelen Mayor Alexander Vandersmissen. 

Citizens are asked to keep an eye on friends, family members or neighbours who have a weaker health, to check whether they are fine. 

Fancy a swim? Check where it's possible

In the meantime, the Flemish environmental agency repeats that it is forbidden to swim in rivers or canals, since this can be dangerous. Members of the public wanting to take a dip, should go to places where this is allowed, like (some) recreational areas. It remains forbidden to swim in the sea as well, until Saturday. Swimming pools should reopen from 1 July next week. 

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