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Corona virus halts long-time Carnival Prince tradition in Aalst

Coronavirus has halted a long-time tradition in the city of Aalst: no new Carnival Prince will be chosen next year, and the parade will be downsized, mayor Christophe D'Haese announced. 

Aalst Carnival was the last mass event to go ahead before the lockdown was installed mid-March. The present Carnival Prince, Yvan De Boitselier, sees his reign extended with another year, as the next election has scrapped due to corona restrictions. "Yvan hasn't been able to benefit a lot from his status, and it wouldn't be safe to organise a new election", D'Haese argued. This means that a tradition installed in 1953 will be broken. 

Next year's edition of the parade should take place on 14 February. But it is still uncertain whether there will be a new edition. In the meantime, the mayor has told those building floats not to spend too much money. The election of the most original construction will be scrapped, the focus will be on the party aspect. Some carnival associations spend a whole year on their work, and lots of cash. 


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