1 in 5 Belgian adults became poorer since the coronavirus outbreak

22 percent of the Belgian citizens above 18 years have less cash since the start of the corona crisis. That's according to research carried out by the scientific institute Sciensano. At the same time, coronavirus also had a massive impact on our mental health. 

Sciensano staged their fourth big poll between 28 May and 3 June, with 34,000 respondents participating.  Single people with children and unemployed are feeling the biggest financial impact: about 1 in 6 find it hard to make ends meet and to pay the bills in time.

Some were even afraid they would end up without enough food on the table. "5 percent had problems to buy new food, while 10 percent had to make a different choice, and switch to food that cannot be labelled as balanced and healthy", explains Stefaan Demarest of Sciensano. 

In the meantime, the mental aspect has improved when compared to the start of the pandemic. However, many are still worse off than in normal times. There are reports about anxiety disorders and depressions. 8 percent of those aged above 18, have struggled with suicide thoughts.  

And last but not least: 1 in 4 respondents estimate they still have a big chance of becoming infected with the virus in times to come. 

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