Loose dogs kill baby deer before the eyes of a photographer: "This will haunt me"

Ivo Hendrikx, a journalist and photographer, witnessed a shocking scene on the former mining hills in Winterslag (Limburg). He saw how two dogs on the loose killed a baby deer. The owner of the dogs should have kept them on a leash. "This will haunt me for the rest of my days."

"Kill op Terrill" is a series of photos made on the slag heaps by Ivo Hendrikx, and it is hot on social media nowadays. He had been observing a family of deer for some time and was taking another series of pictures when a mother with her two fawns was attacked by two dogs. "While one calf was being attacked by the dogs, the dog owner came to the scene. But it was obviously too late, and he had no control over his dogs." 

Hendrikx has some considerations to make: "On this natural site, dogs should always be kept on a leash. If the calf had been devored by a wolf, then it would have the cruel process of nature. But this should never have happened. And what if the dogs attack a young child next time?" 

Hendrikx was clearly touched by the whole incident. "I can still hear the calf's cry when it was being attacked. It sounded like the cry of a child. Its struggle for life will haunt me for the rest of my days." 

Wim Dries, the mayor of Genk, reacted briefly on social media. He says he laments the incident, and underlines that it is forbidden to let your dogs run loose on the hills. However, the hill is in private hands, which makes it difficult to impose the ban. 

foto: Ivo Hendrikx

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