"Prepare for many mosquitos and wasps this summer"

Prepare to ward off for more wasps and mosquitos than usual in the coming weeks and months. That's the message given by entomologist Wouter Dekoninck of the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences. 

The reason is simple: it was a mild winter and it has been mostly hot over the past weeks, while we recently also had enough rain. "Many adult insects survived winter and the showers of the past weeks supplied enough water for larvae to develop", says Dekoninck. 

He calls the conditions for insects such as mosquitos and wasps ideal, a trend which we will see more in the next years. The insects can grow fast: "Mosquito larvae in pools can develop from egg into adult in just one week."   

It's not all bad news, though.  Dekoninck underlines that while some insects may be a nuisance for humans at certain moments, they are also very useful in nature. They can serve as food for various mammals, to mention just one thing. 

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