Times of corona: supermarkets short of peeled shrimps

Belgian supermarkets have a shortage of peeled shrimps at present, and this is actually a consequence of the corona crisis. While demand is big during summer, supply is down because the peeling factories in Morocco are not at full capacity. A consequence of Covid-19, De Standaard reports. 

Belgian retailers confirm the shortage. Colruyt even talks about a 50 percent reduction in supplies. Many North Sea shrimps - which are actually caught here - first make a huge detour before they end up on our plates. They are sent to Morocco to be peeled in factories. However, strict corona restrictions still apply there: some factories are closed, while others work with fewer staff. This is being felt in Belgian supermarkets. 

Things are expected to improve as from mid-July. Roel Dekelver, spokesman for retailers Delhaize, asks consumers for understanding and patience. And he underlines that we actually have an easy alternative: buy normal shrimps and peel them by ourselves "as tradition wants it". 

This can be done pretty easily, but it does require minimal skills: take the shrimp between thumb and index finger, pull the animal straight and pull the tail loose carefully. Keep it by the head and then carefully pull out the meat. So also this video from the VRT food programme "Over eten" a couple of years ago: 

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