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Covid-19 update: all figures are improving, the number of new infections included

The scientific institute Sciensano has released the latest week figures for Belgium concerning corona. The number of new infections is going down slowly but surely. 

Sciensano calculates the 7-day average from the past week, to compare this with the week before that. Experts say this gives a better general view, wiping out daily peaks or lows. 

  • The number of infections has dropped to 89 per day over the past 7 days, which is 6 percent down on the week. 
  • 15 patients were admitted to hospital each day. This is a drop of 6 percent on the week. There are 255 corona patients in hospital now, compared to 340 on Thursday last week. Only 38 patients are left in intensive care units. 
  • 7 deaths per day were reported. This number is 18 percent down on the week. It brings the total number of Covid deaths (confirmed or suspected) to 9,731.  
  • The so-called R-value (reproduction number, which shows how many other people a patient is infecting) remains below 1, at 0.87. 

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