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Hasselt mayor unharmed after bizarre "attack" during interview

The former Defence Minister and present Hasselt mayor Steven Vandeput was the victim of a bizarre "attack" yesterday, when a cyclist deliberately collided with him when he was giving an interview. Vandeput said "I have never seen anything like this". He did not get injured. 

The city of Hasselt (Limburg) is to offer a large package of cultural and sports events to make it a nice summer despite the corona restrictions. When he was giving an interview about this, a cyclist approached him from the back to run into him. 

The man turned out to be drunk, but the "attack" did not come out of the blue. He was talking about the "benefits of communism" and clearly did not agree with the mayor's policy choices. Steven Vandeput serves the Flemish nationalist party N-VA, which belongs to the right side of the political hemisphere. 

While Vandeput was surprised, he managed to remain standing, and tried to convince the man to stay calm. One of his assistants protected him and pushed the assailant off his bicycle. "I had the impression he was drunk", the mayor smiled. When the man refused to stop the discussion, the police were called to the scene, but the mayor will not launch a complaint. "He is a special character and clearly had too much to drink. I asked him to go home and go to bed,."  

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