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Met Office issues yellow alert for heavy rain and thunderstorms

There is an increasing risk of blustery showers and thunderstorms today, possibly with gusts of wind and hail. The Belgian Met Office has issued a yellow warning, which may be turned into orange. 

While the first thunderstorms have reached the Ardennes region, more unstable weather is expected during the course of the day. Thunderstorms will come from France to enter Belgium from the south-west.

North-eastern parts of the country will have to wait a little bit more for the rain and will have the highest temperatures, up to 32 Celsius. In other parts, big clouds will build up soon, bringing local showers around noon or in the afternoon. The Met Office warns that the thunderstorms could be violent, with heavy gusts of wind and big balls of hail. The telephone number 1722 has been activated to allow you to report any damage.

More unstable weather is expected for Saturday, with temperatures dropping substantially to reach more normal values. 

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